Join Us

It is only at this age and at this time where it will be most convenient for us to pursue cheerleading. Make a choice today that will not let you regret in the future. “Maybe I should have tried…” and “I wish I had more time…” will hit you with a sense of waste that you can actually avoid. The few years that you spend learning and performing, helps a lot in managing the stress of daily life and building up your confidence. It is after all a leisure activity, as much as it is a sport. You can ask any cheerleader and they’ll tell you. There is greater enjoyment than pressure in this sport and for many us, this means a lot to us and we make time for it even if we may be busy. It does not mean cheer is our priority and school and work can wait but rather, it is important for us so we try harder to balance our time. Remember when we were in school, how we used to put in time and effort for our CCAs but we still made sure our results were okay? It is the same concept here, we will not pursue one at the expense of the other but instead, pursue them together to make the most of our time and experience.

The choice is yours to make as only you know yourself and what you want best but if you need more information to help you make a more informed choice, then please feel free to fill up the feedback form below and we will revert to you shortly. For the rest of you who are clear that this is indeed for you, erm I guess you could fill up the form too since you’re already here? Haha and please sound interested in your comments, how about a “I want to join Denvers!” ? 🙂

We’re ready to welcome you… are you ready to join us? 😀


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