This page will feature videos of all our performances, from 2012 onwards. We figured featuring the older performances would not really be a true reflection of the current team and so we’re going to be bringing to you only the latest from Denvers’ performances.


In 2012, we’ve had two performances so far. The first, one the 6th of May, was a performance at Geylang Serai CC, a community event. The video will be uploaded as soon as Zhiyong, who took the video and is now on exchange in Germany, gets back to his University!

The second performance was actually just on the 26th of May, at the Marina International Cruise Centre. In celebration of the inaugral journey of the cruise ship, Voyager, from Singapore, Denvers performed a routine lauded by many foreigners from Europe, who had come to Singapore through the cruise ship.

Videos will be up really soon! Actually the videos are up but they are on facebook in our closed group and I can’t link the videos here. The blog doesn’t allow us to upload directly so we can only do it via youtube.

Here’s the good news though, our 3rd performance video, on 17 June at Potong Pasir CC for the Potong Pasir Family Day Carnival(the nature of the event is self-explanatory), has been uploaded on Youtube and we can share it like now!

It is not as clean as we would have liked but this is our first performance with half the team made up of new cheerleaders so its okay, I am sure they will do better with each performance as they gain experience 🙂


ps : the first one plus minutes is actually a dry run of the routine with no stunts up, so you can actually fast forward to the later part 🙂


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