Denvers Cheerleading Team was established in 2001 and was the first Open team to be formed in Singapore. What started off as an interest group together with the Potong Pasir Community Club(PPCC) and the Youth Executive Committee(YEC), has transformed over the years into a full-fledged competitive team that has won numerous awards. Denvers has also performed in various events throughout Singapore and has a close friendship with the Monsters Cheerleading team from Taiwan, who visit us every year and aid us in our training.

The roots of some of Singapore’s most recognized faces within the cheer community can be traced back to Denvers. While some of them have moved on for a different challenge at other teams, we take pride in the fact that the strong foundation that they developed during their time with us, has helped them to become important members in whichever team they have moved on to. They may not be with us now but they are without a doubt fine products of our Denvers training and we wish them the best wherever they may be.

Denvers Today

The team that remains today is a new team and that signals a new beginning. The senior cheerleaders who formed the core of the team in the early years of Denvers, will always be there to support and guide the team. However, they have also recognized that the time is right to train a new generation of cheerleaders who will uphold the fine reputation that they once helped build for this team that has watched them grow.

Our team is all about diversity, arguably the most racially diverse team in Singapore. People from all walks of life, students, NSFs, working adults, and even Army officers… Denvers is the amalgamation of individuals who each have their own background story but have come together to write the next page in history for Denvers. Our passion for cheerleading has brought us together and it is in this pursuit to be better cheerleaders that we have remained together.

The journey has just begin and we look forward to the experiences and the various learning opportunities that we will go searching for. To be able to constantly learn, that is a blessing that we seek with all our hearts. Here’s to a fantastic future with meaningful memories that will last a lifetime. Come what may, we are One Team, One Heart, One Denvers.


Team Denvers Season 11/12

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