We’re Still Alive. And Kickin’.

No no, we are not dead, we have just endured a very busy period. Keywords are  : Exams, performances, holiday etc. So I apologize that our blog is like your phone…after a while of activity it dies and only resumes when it is recharged. Now we’re recharged! Hopefully. On the bright side, let me tell you how many things we have to share about! One way to look at is “Woah, so exciting!” and the flipside is “So that’s how long you haven’t been blogging eh?”. Life is too short to be negative, lets just be positive instead!


Activities to cover :


Singga Cheer Cheer Cheer 2


Wildcards Exchange

Denvers@USS Halloween Night

Denvers trip to Kuala Lumpur



Yeap that’s broadly what there is left to cover. Got to go get some pictures for all the respective posts! I’ve listed them chronologically by the way. Denvers trip to KL just concluded yesterday! They came to visit me in Kuala Lumpur and we had a lovely time!


About the previous post, I just want to thank Yikang, I appreciate you hacking into the blog to post about me. It has always been and will always be a pleasure helping this team in any way I can. I wish I could be there with you guys for competition next year but given the circumstances that I’m studying here in Malaysia, it just complicates things. I thought about writing a farewell post but I don’t believe that my participation as a Denvers Cheerleader is over. I’m not done with that uniform.


Guys, I just want you to know that although by distance we are far apart, if there is anything at all, and you need someone, a replacement, a spotter, a friend, I am here. This is my team and if my team needs me, I’ll be there. This KL trip meant a lot to me, not only because you came to my place but because I was just so happy that so many of us were together having fun without worrying about training or hitting stunts for once. I realized how much I missed being back in Singapore training with all of you and all the late night bitching sessions. This team means different things to different people but to me, it represents a family of sorts. So many different individuals, various learning patterns (and speeds ;), unique styles but all in all, still one team.


I get the feeling that I tend to portray Denvers as like the symbol of unity but like every family, we have our arguments, we are honest with each other though at the end of the day, we want the same thing. When you first join us, you’re not going to feel empowered. Training we admit will be tough and improvement is gradual. It may not seem as fun as what you’ve encountered in other teams because we try to pack as much as we can into the three core trainings every week. The thing is, we know we’re not the best, so we try harder. We’re confident that one day we will make it to the top and with that vision, we train with all our hearts. So it comes down to this; do you just want to be a part of history or be the ones making it? Believe in us, we will believe in you and with time, patience and effort you’ll be just as good as anyone else.


And Yikang please, just give me my card that you’ve been keeping forever, if not I’ll keep appearing again and again. Hahaha.

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