The Last Indian

So this blog has been up and running for a few months already, and all the credit is due to one guy. This post shall be a blogbomb not from this guy.

Denvers has all along been a multi ethnical team (until recently) and this post is for our last indian who has left us for the land up north.

Yeap, this big guy is the guy of topic right here. so since i have decided to drop our big guy here a blogbomb, here are some facts about him.

his name is Fazall or Feezall or Fatzall or eh indian or (i also cannot rmb cos he has too many)

he is 22 this year.

he is a base, despite the photo (and of cos his secret dream is wanting to fly a basket toss)

he is big, literally big.

he likes to tell jokes, or rather be the joke

he tells really really really really really really bad jokes.

he invented eating fries with maple syrup.

he must have his prata (prate bomb to be exact)

he likes to scare children (like really young ones) with his peek-a-boo.

he is like a moving crash mat, tested and proven by many flyers.


but most importantly of all, he has a big heart, bigger than his size, bigger than anyone i have ever met perhaps (deh don’t complain i never say anything nice about you). Fazall is an amazing guy, I have never seen him getting angry before, never seen him losing his temper, definitely never heard of him using swear words and never ever complained when he had to take the extra mile to make things easier for the others.


Yeap, so single ladies out there, look out for him!!


and i think this will be all for a random blogbomb. (deh stop going for late night movies with the ladies and blog more la, i know the team don’t say it but we are thankful to you for maintaining this blog even though u are 100+ km away, that said, No i won’t take over this from you, you can prey on deedeedardar instead)