Performance Yo

While I could hardly remember any performances in 2011, 2012 has been a year full of just that. We’ve been invited here and there to do our stuff, sometimes stunts and other times, embarrassingly enough, just cheering with pom poms. Yea the traditional cheerleader way -__-

So today I have quite a number of pictures from our latest performance, the Singapore National Games, Opening Ceremony, held at the Punggol Waterway Park on 1 September 2012. These are friendly community games between members of different constituencies in Singapore , though I don’t quite know what they compete in. It was very crowded though! Wow looks like everybody is so supportive! ( either that or free food and t-shirts did the trick )

Okay perhaps calling this a performance is a little misleading. Firstly, we didn’t have much to do as we were obviously not meant to be the highlight. Secondly, I think there was some miscommunication between the organizers and the emcees….they forgot we were supposed to perform! We were exhausted because we experienced so many false starts, like we prepare for performance assuming they will announce our names like any moment and then…. anti-climax. it was so annoying, we started laughing after some time. Being ignored is one thing but being ignored while you’re wearing bling bling costumes and attracting so much attention from onlookers expecting something from you…. awkward. Not to mention kids running through our formation while we’re trying to concentrate on timing. So what we did in the end were segments of our performance and the usual stunts after performance ( or rather the lack of one ) to just you know, excite the crowd. Even a toss to hands is considered amazing to a man on the street, even it may be the basic for cheerleaders. Haha so yes, if ever you needed attention, just do a toss to hands in the middle of a crowded place, ‘confirm plus chop’ you will have an audience. Double Confirm.

We were actually contacted to perform for both the opening and closing ceremonies but as it turned out, it rained during the closing ceremony making it unsafe for stunts…. So yea cheers with pom poms it was. We have like one pathetic picture taken during the closing ceremony, you’ll see that towards the end.

Simple pyramid

Waving to the Guest of Honor, the Prime Minister. Well at least he knows we were here!

Spot the difference. Simin you think you very cool ah.  Oh and I’ve never seen Yikang so happy. Dae apa lah dae.

Mel Soh with Chloe

Zhiyong with Jiahua. Welcome back from Germany! Wenjie I am going to punch your face.

Wenjie with Sharon. proud alumni of Team Xtreme NTU Hall 16! You get the X that Sharon is doing right…

Yikang with Lijuin

Teck Pin with Sharon

The performance team 🙂

Closing ceremony. This picture should be used for the picture description section in the PSLE Oral examinations. The girls seem to be enjoying themselves. Glenn is at home in this kind of performance, look at him ( Second from right ). The rest of the guys are trying their best to join in. Zhiyong is in a dilemma whether or not to follow, Yikang is pretty certain he’s not going to and Teck Pin on the far left is still quite stunned as to how we ended up here.

So that’s what we have for the Singapore National Games, do check out our facebook page for the rest of the pictures! On that note, all our pictures are actually uploaded to our Denvers Cheerleading Team facebook page (you can see it on the right side of the blog page) so do go have a look and like our page for new updates and pictures! 🙂

Before I end this post, I’d like to give you a sneak preview of whats to come 😀


Stay tuned…. Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Version 2.0 coming soon!

Keep following us, full coverage with hundreds of pictures from our cheer event of the year, Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Version 2.0 awaits. We’re excited, are you? 😀