Sentosa (Like Finally)

First of all apologies for the lack of the posts as of late but on the bright side, the posts will be coming in fast and furious from now on. There were quite a few pending posts that were incomplete because of a lack of pictures, information or some other reason. Though we have seen to that now. Oh and yes, we do admit, we have been busy with performances and what-nots as well so that’s another reason for the cold turkey period of no blogging. Trust me, it was hard for me too. Haha okay so now lets got on with this blog post, which as you can see from the title, is about Sentosa!

You must be expecting some super nice photos of stunts and all that but I’m sorry to disappoint you. Actually we did take those pictures. But for some reason, we forgot that the sun will set in the evening and it will become dark and camera settings need to be changed. And we being the technical dodo birds, don’t how to do damage control and edit the photos. Either that, or we like ’em natural, if you know what I mean.

So yes, Denvers decided to go to Sentosa way back in May for a day of fun, joy and laughter. We met at Harbourfront in groups and set off for the island. It was supposed to be the whole lot of us going together but as you would know, most of us follow Indian Standard Time, which gives an allowance of up to 2.5 hrs from the proposed meeting time. Remember like a few posts a go, we posted something on Victor’s proposal to Yan? Well that happened in the first part of our Sentosa outing, you can see the pictures in that post. As for the part after that, we walked and walked to find a suitable spot to settle down at and after about 30 minutes, we got a nice place near the beach volleyball area. That kind of answered the “Hmmm so what should we do first?” question, since the volleyball net was in our direct line of vision. So Volleyball it was.

Absolutely no idea why Yikang is jumping up holding his chest. Hello, volleyball the ball needs to go over to the other side, not you.

Even World Champions Brazil would have give up on this chase but Teck Pin decided to dive. No, he didn’t make it.

Volleyball was really fun, we played  many rounds, changing teams each time. It was especially fun because most of us play ‘anyhow”. There was Fazall diving for every ball, unnecessary drama. On other occasions he would go towards the oncoming ball as if its his and then realize it was too high and leave Yikang exposed.  Then there was Yikang, who despite his height, thought jumping up holding his chest was way cooler. There was also Darrell, the “Variable Liability” because every team he joined, they lost. Not exaggerating, really. Though he always had a smile on his face for some reason.

After that we wondered what to do and realized “Hey, look, we’re in a beach! Lets go play in the water!”. Whatever new. So we did go jump into the water, trying out basket tosses and handstands and piggy-back races. Other weird stuff too. Those that could jump decided to do some tumbling right at the edge of the sea, on the moist sand. For the rest of us who couldn’t, we found submerging people in the water and disturbing them much more entertaining. I think I have like one picture taken from our water activities.

Zhang Mei in the middle of some element of Basket Toss. Wow that is a pretty nice shot. Hah, quality over quantity people.

They did try to Basket Toss Fazall as well ( on his request since he has always wanted to be a flyer ) but he got leg cramps when he tried to load himself onto the basket. Oh well, some things are just not meant to be. Thus far, our Sentosa outing had nothing to do with stunts. We must have thought, “Aiyah stunts anytime also can do!”. True that but if you planned to take pictures, not the best idea to delay till it gets dark. Which we did.

And now I present to you a few of the discernible pictures from all the stunts we did. There are actually lots of videos with better lighting but I don’t quite know how to get a screenshot.

Jason with Bernie, it was his first time!

Yikang with Bernie

Raj (I think) with Sharon

Well don’t say I didn’t warn you about the stunt photos. On the bright side, if we ever recruit someone technically gifted, they could make this look good. Haha so yes that is our Sentosa Outing up till the point we were at Sentosa. We headed for dinner after that, though I really can’t remember where cause as you would know, this post was supposed to happen when we started this blog. To think we waited so long for these photos…. I’m going to shoot Zishen.

Once in a while you have to do something like this with your team, apart from all the training and serious stuff. It’s always fun with these guys. Cheerleading without the right team members would just feel like a chore. Everyone puts aside their pain and fatigue to fight for our team’s success. We help each other because we share a special bond. One Team, One Heart, One Denvers, Always 🙂


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