Ah Song Comes To Town!

If you’ve read our ‘About Us’ page, you would have noticed that I mentioned that some members of Monsters Cheerleading Team in Taiwan visit us every year and conduct a cheerleading camp for us. As it so happens, they came down on the 18th of July! As I write this post, they have already left for Taiwan but they leave behind fun-filled memories in yet another chapter of our long-standing relationship with them.

Last year, it was Ah Song and Xiong Ge who come down to give us important tips and teach us some of the techniques that have helped Monsters establish themselves as a premier cheerleading team in Asia. This year marks the return of Ah Song but this time with a different companion, Xiao How. As usual, we were waiting for their “exhibition performance” during OTOT and as expected, we were just smiling away at how effortless they made it look. Just brilliant. Years of perservance and discipline to do a stunt the way it should be done, not just hitting it for the sake of it, like what some of us resort to when we keep failing. Its not something they explicitly say but you just understand it as you watch them perform.

They were here for just over a week and the timing was perfect because we kind of made a mad rush to get our basics right so that we will be able to fully utilise them during their stay. Sometimes all we need is for someone experienced to see us do our stunts and that one simple advice they offer us, can change everything. I was around when they came over last year as well but somehow I just felt that this year we learnt a lot more from them. That excites me even more as we look forward to SNCC and SEACO 2013 knowing that we have improved as a team over the last year or so and are hence in a better position to achieve our goals.

For everything else, here’s some visuals for you 🙂

One of the many eateries we visited. Roti Prata…power ah.

Chocolate Prata. Ahhhh.

Erm sorry I was too busy devouring the Prata to realize that you take pictures of food before you eat, not after.

Ah Song on the left, Teck Pin next to her and Xiao How on the right

What you doing lah dae.

Can’t hit a proper liberty? Maybe you need the Liberty Shoe!

Lunch at Lau Pa Sat! Teck Pin last warning ah.

Supper at this place near Kovan MRT, some kind of rice porridge with side dishes. Chloe, see what see?

Sending them off at the airport

Bye Ah Song and Xiao How! We’ll miss you!

Actually there are lots more photos but they are kind of like all over the place, most of these are from my camera and those I found readily available on facebook. I will upload the rest in a seperate photo blast-like post soon!

It was a pleasure hosting you here in Singapore, Ah Song and Xiao How, we hope to see you soon! Thank you for all the tips, advice and also for giving us company while we were pigging out at eateries all over singapore! 😛

Next post should be about Malaysian Nationals C3! I’ve got my interviews done and the pictures and videos ready to be uploaded 😀


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