What Endurance Means

People tend to use the terms “stamina” and endurance” interchangeably but there is most definitely a distinction between the two. Not so much in actual definition but more in what you understand from it. Stamina is being able to do something again and again and again and still being able to do it well. Or maintain your performance level over a prolonged period of time. Endurance is, put simply, to finish what you started. Stamina has a more physical element about it; endurance is all in the mind. To succeed in whichever task  ( something that involves physical activity ) you undertake, you need both to succeed.


You wouldn’t associate stamina with activities that are not so physical but endurance, however, is relevant in everything you do. The runners in a marathon. The overweight man who goes  on a diet. The muslims who fast for an entire month during Ramadan. These are just a few instances where endurance takes center stage. Everyone has their own reasons why they develop the patience and determination to see the task they undertake through to the end. It is this reason that motivates them, the constant reminders of it which helps them through the pain or discomfort faced in their journey to conquering their task. For every thing we do, we must be clear why is it that we do what we do, to find a purpose because that is the only way we will do our best and make it worth the effort.


One amazing thing about endurance is that it is worthy of respect. In fact, the greater your struggle, the more widespread the appreciation and respect you receive from those who watch your journey as it comes to a triumphant end. This however, is not in the minds of the people who are attempting to complete something they undertake. It’s a consequence of their actions, an ode to their determination, a celebration of the spirit that never dies. The greatest achievement for them is that they finished what they started, everything else is secondary. It’s a beautiful feeling, one that spreads positive energy and inspires not only yourself to do greater things but also those who are watching, to have the belief that they too can do it.


In cheerleading, both stamina and endurance is necessary in order for us to put up a winning routine. While we constantly try new stunts and develop our potential, there will always be that element where we train resilience, physical as well as mental. Repetitive as it may seem, if you do the same thing again and again and again, assuming you are doing it right, the chances of success are much higher. The more you train and condition yourself, you put yourself in a better position to endure through the pain and fatigue that comes with intensive, high-octane activities like cheerleading.


Sailing smoothly through something or winning deserves its fair share of applause but there is just that something more when you see someone fall, then get up and start moving off again. The idea that we may not be perfect, we may still be prone to mistakes or injury is what makes us human but the realization that come what may, we will get back on our feet to finish what we started, that is the essence of life. So those of you who have fallen hard, gotten up slowly and limped your way to the finishing line, have you really lost? I don’t think so. You may have lost the race but you won people’s hearts and the pride you feel when you say “I did it”.


I have a video here, that is really a summary of what I have been talking about. I salute this man because he showed everyone that when you don’t give up, you cannot fail. Some of you may have seen this video as it has been circulated widely in the internet but I still felt that you have to see this and understand what endurance really means. To everyone who happens to be reading this, remember for whom we are doing this for and why…. it will give you that adrenaline to, like I have mentioned so frequently in this post, finish what you started.


Defeat is not when you fall…its when you refuse to get up. Your family, your friends are with you all the way. For those of you struggling or in pain, like what this lyrics from a tamil song says, Your heart is full of bravery, why then are there still tears in your eyes? 🙂


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