Just Updates, Thats All

I haven’t really had the chance to speak to Jimmy and Wei Wei about the Malaysian Nationals they attended as I haven’t seen them much over the last one week( apart from when they are scrutinizing our stunt techniques to help us improve; not the best time to ask). So pardon the delay, I will do the post dedicated to Malaysian Cheerleading very soon! Oh and did I mention that I don’t know how to approach the Malaysian cheerleaders to get information for this post, could it get any more random?

This weekend is pretty eventful, with the Wildcards Stuntfest on Saturday followed by our Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Part 2 on Sunday! Stuntfest, from what I’ve heard about it, is basically a mass OTOT (Own Time, Own Target) session, meaning you can do whatever stunts you want, with whoever you want, whenever you want. Most cheerleaders love OTOTs because that’s when they can experiment new stunts or perfect stunts which they are currently trying to hit.So for those of you who are interested, come on down to Ulu Pandan CC from 8am onwards to support the Wildcards and let your cheerleader spirit come alive! Oh and Wildcards, we’ll settle the payment due to us for promoting your event later… 😛

As for Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Part 2, as you would have seen from the pictures in Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Part 1, we’re going around Singapore and taking pictures as we stunt! This event also marks the official unveiling of the new members of Denvers. You know, we realize that we’re running out of locations to go stunt at. Singapore doesn’t have that many unique attractions after all, from a cheer point of view. Oh wells, we can stunt anywhere! So what these two events really mean is that we have lots of pictures to share with you. Videos too, hopefully, though I know you might not be convinced given the number of videos uploaded in this blog so far is, well, one. We’ll surprise you!

Right so you’ve read the title, you’re expecting just updates. Well yes, that was the plan and I’m done with it. Though I must add that we do have a fresh batch of photos uploaded, taken during training itself. You’ve seen many of our performance photos but hardly anything from training right? Ok so here’s some pictures, same stunt, liberty, done by different bases and flyers. If you’re really very bored and free, feel free to entertain yourself by trying to spot the difference.

Fazall with Sharon

Glenn with Lijuin

Melvin with Chloe

Teck Pin with Sharon. Tian Jun overreacting for no reason.

So there you have it, a collection of liberties. To end off this post, I have another picture for you. This is different from what you’ve seen so far.

Once again, we have come to the end of another post. Lots more photos to come in the next few weeks, Cheer Camp is also just around the corner!

At this point, I’d just like to thank you for reading our blog, do keep the comments coming, we’re always open to what our readers feel about our posts. Without your support, where would we be? Still here but in a very sad state. Thank you for all your support, it has been our pleasure blogging for you 🙂