Whats Been Happening At The Top

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things happening here in Singapore but its good to take note of whats been happening in other parts of the world as well! Cheer-related of course, the rest of the stories you’re bound to have heard it on the news. Quite a few significant things have been happening outside our sunny(but nowadays heavy rainy) island.

First and foremost, a very important announcement by the International Cheer Union (ICU) with regards to their application to be a member of SportAccord. I was equally as clueless as you as to what this association was about so I did us all the favour and googled it. They are an “umbrella” organization for all kinds of sports, formed to promote communication and cooperation among various international sports federations. You’ll be surprised just how many sports have associations to manage its advancement in the international arena. For one, I bet you didn’t know that there is a Tug-of-War International Federation. They are just one of 91 member international sports federations. This organization works closely with other organizations in promoting sports around the world, including the main sporting spectacle of the Olympics.

Why is this important for us? It means the association representing cheerleading is recognized as legitimate and earns it the right to be called a sport, a milestone for us. Soon enough, people will be able to associate cheerleading with being more of a competitive sport rather than as free half-time entertainment during Soccer and basketball games. In time to come, you may no longer feel that slight inhibition when you tell someone that you’re a cheerleader. There will come a day, hopefully not too far from now, when your children will watch the Olympics and share your pride as a cheerleader when they see its magic unraveling on their television screens. This has always been the cheerleader dream and the thought that it could soon be a reality is one that excites us very much indeed.

So now you know the background information, let me get to the actual news. ICU had planned to submit an application this year to be a member of SportAccord. However, there were some issues with their current proposal and more time was required to draft an agreement which was favourable to all parties concerned . After much discussions, The ICU and the Federation Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG), current member of SportAccord, have reached a consensus in working towards finalizing an agreement by the end of August 2012 with the support of SportAccord. In view of this, the ICU has agreed to postpone the SportAccord membership vote to 2013 in return for FIG’s full support of ICU’s SportAccord application next year. Thus, we will have to wait just a little longer for that recognition that we’ve been waiting for. Though like how it was blatant that Spain were going to be Euro champions again after scoring that 4th goal…our game is done, we’re just waiting for that final whistle to celebrate.


This is important news that needs to be shared so we at least know whats happening on the international front with ICU fighting for us to eventually become an official sport at the Olympics. You can find the link on the update here!


Malaysia’s Charm Cheerleading Championships (C3- their equivalent of our Nationals!) had just concluded 2 weeks ago so that is another interesting event we’ll try to cover. We’ll have to depend on our coaches Jimmy and Wei Wei for the report though, as they were there to judge! I’ll get some pictures from the Malaysian teams’ Facebook pages with their permission so don’t worry, there will be more colour in our next post. Yes, I know, reading long texts for two posts in a row is not easy on the eye. On the bright side, get ready to be enthralled by the rapidly evolving Malaysian Cheerleading scene!



On a sidenote for now but soon to be the “main-note” if there is such a word, Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Part 2 is happening next week! 😀


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