Happy Birthday Victor!

Happy birthday Victor!

So June 20 happens to be the birthday of one of our most treasured team members, Victor. He’s the Team Manager for Denvers and the go-to man for any administrative or public liaisons. Sometimes we must ask ourselves, just how long will we continue to have the fire in ourselves, to continue believing and developing our passion? People like Victor prove to you that come what may, if you want to do it, you can. He was there when Denvers was founded in 2001; he’s still here now, forming the core of our team. Despite his sometimes rather unpredictable work schedule, never did he allow that to dilute his hopes and ambitions for this team. He has been constantly supporting the team to the best of his abilities all these years and we here at Team Denvers, salute him for showing us what it means to live with the cheerleader spirit.

Now that you know a little about Victor, let me share with you another monumental occasion in his life; his marriage proposal to Yan. You know when couples are together for some time and the age clock continues to tick, the question is not so much about “Will they?” but rather, “When will they…?”. Denvers had the pleasure and might I add, honour,  to be a part of this very important day for the couple. Victor comes across as a very serious person when you first meet him but after getting to know him, you’ll realize he’s quite a jovial fellow who will stun you with random actions and comments, which actually turns out to be rather amusing. It is with this fun attitude that he came up with his masterplan to propose to Yan at our Denvers Sentosa outing. Oh she didn’t see that coming, did she? Haha the idea was simple but had the required ‘shock effect’. The couple would take the luge ride down together with a few members from Denvers. They would on purpose leave her to be the last one down the slope. As she approaches a bridge which she will have to go under to reach the end of the ride, a banner saying ” Yan Will U Marry Me?”(he made it himself) will roll down and she will, well, be shocked. In happiness of course. Haha and it went according to plan. Though in her shock she kind of turned the steering wheel to one side such that she was stuck. No real issue however, as Indian commander Raj was on hand to rescue the situation so part two of the plan could go on. See, all meticulously planned by my man, Victor.

Meanwhile, at the same time that the luge ride was happening, brisk preparations were being made to form a huge heart in the sand. It was too close to the water so we had to build a rather ugly great wall of Sentosa protecting the heart from damage. We shifted some sand around to make this runway-like path down from the walkway to the heart and decorated the scene with the wild flowers we found near some bushes. So now lets link stage one with stage two of the proposal. As soon as Victor reaches the drop-off point for the Luge ride, he sprints towards our sand heart where aides were present to pass him a bouquet of flowers and help him look more like a proposing man by helping him to wear his blazers. He then hid behind the bushes waiting as the girls accompanied Yan slowly(all planned of course) to see that the banner she saw earlier had been transported to be right in front of the first man-made heart of sand and thankfully, covering that “eyesore-ish” sand wall. She walked down our pathway, cheers erupted, by now she would have figured out what was happening and after a short while of applause and Yan staring in half happiness half shock at the banner, our hero emerges from the bushes behind her and walks up to her and kneels to align himself with traditional proposing posture. Yeap, we definitely attracted a lot of attention. It’s a proposal in Sentosa on a Saturday afternoon, how low-key could it be? Soon there was a whole group of unofficial paparazzi snapping away at our beaming couple. We of course, being key members in the execution of this wonderful proposal, had exclusive rights to close-up shots of the couple. So now you’ll see  a storyboard of how the proposal progressed through pictures! I tried my best to do justice to the way this whole proposal went about but as you might have guessed, things like these have to be experienced to be understood.




So this is how it all began, the purchase of the Luge tickets. No, they didn’t give a discount because of the proposal.

Nope, planned as well.

Unsuspecting, zoned out Yan at the back and the rest of them who already know whats to come.

She sees the banner and subsequently gets stuck.

Raj to the rescue, using his lib-trained arms to push Yan forward. Yan looks like she might be giggling to herself.

Aww cho chweet! The remnants of the great wall of Sentosa is visible in the background….

well like duh, she said yes. Another Denvers couple soon to be married! 🙂

So that’s how it all happened. It was lovely that each of us to were able play our own small role in their happily ever after prelude, it’s not everyday you see this kind of thing eh? This proposal also led to more mad laughter in our post training dinner where we discussed all the possible ways in which a marriage proposal could go wrong. I am unable to reveal the contents of each idea for a proposal as these have been patented by Yikang who will be charging $50 for each of his ideas. So if you need any ideas, feel free to ask him, he might even do a video role play for you 😛

With that we come to the end of another post. Wow how time flies, it’s already been a month since this blog was started and the response from you guys(and girls) have been really encouraging! We’ll do our best to keep you updated with whats been happening with us every four or five days but if for a certain period of time it seems we’re taking some time to put up a new post, please bear with us, we assure you that each post will have proper content and not simply a single video or one quote. We take pride in what we blog and we want to give you real, honest insight into life as a cheerleader in Team Denvers. Thank you for your support thus far and I just want to tell you one thing; There’s more from where that came from 😀


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