Another Performance

Sentosa pictures were taking forever to be uploaded so we thought we’d wait for pictures of our next performance event to be up before blogging. Apologies if you’ve been following our blog diligently! Yes i guess we could have posted something like the previous two posts but we preferred not to blog another emotional post. We’ll take a break from all that seriousness to bring to you some light-hearted moments.  As it is,  I have the pictures from our Potong Pasir Family Day held on 17 June so lets get right into it.

So the Family Day was the first event organized by the Potong Pasir Youth Executive Committee in some time so arrangements were made to make it as grand as it could be. As Denvers has a long-standing association with the YEC, we immediately obliged to perform on their request. They probably did take a video of it but I’m not too sure of the quality of it so pictures only for now, video later. Yes, I know we owe you quite a few videos but please bear with us, the technical knowledge of blogs in our team is laughable. This entire blog was actually created as an experiment and we’re pretty sure we’ll figure out how videos get uploaded here too 🙂

CK thinks he’s very cool in pointing out how short Simin is. CK, so you think you look real cool in an oversized uniform eh? 😛


You know, I don’t ever see the guys taking a separate group shot, it must be the girls.

Melody acting cute.

Of course, we have our STRAP ( Stunting Time Right After Performance ) pictures.

Darrell with Bernie

he rarely ever tries this so good job Teck Pin!

Wah strong only ah Sharon. Purposely asked the rest to move away so we could all see that she is doing it alone.

Victor with Simin. Victor what kind of smile is that…

Pictures like these are the reason I blog. Wenjie’s expression can’t be explained in words, just laugh only. Bernie must have bought a leg extension kit from Mustafa. Simin….is overshadowed by the actions of the other two main characters.

Well yes, that’s about it. This is just a sample of some of the better photographs taken, our facebook page should be uploaded with the rest of them. There will be a special post coming up in a few days time, in celebration of Victor’s birthday! It will mainly be covering his proposal to Yan, on the day of our Sentosa escapade. Yet another Denvers couple preparing for their big day in the near future. We’re so happy for them!

So I leave you with some food for thought; When are you getting married? 😛


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