A “way-too-long” break in this journey

As I write this post, I can actually see the two years in Denvers flash past. I still remember when I first came to Denvers, did not come in a group, so did not know any one other than BB and YQ, who brought me here. What struck me most is that after the first day, I practically knew everyone there, and it was at that instant I decided that for the next few years, the 1.5 hour journey from NTU to PPCC thrice a week is definitely worth it. Not a single day have I regretted that decision. Today, two years from now, I am forced to take a 6-8 month break, and I kept thinking that you know, it s fine, no big deal. But today when I stunted for the last time, it finally struck me that I m not gonna stunt for a good 6 months, I m not gonna be on the mats feeling the adrenaline you feel when you hit a stunt, or the disappointment at not getting it right. Yeah it may seem that hey, I am not retiring, I m coming back soon, but for someone who has been cheering continuously, its like snatching away the favourite pair of toys from a kid and saying you are not gonna have that for a LONG LONG Time.. I will always remember this feeling, this knot in the heart, cuz this is the feeling that is gonna make me push myself during recovery phase, and I promise I will be back soon.

I would like to take this chance to just say a few things. Cheerleading, and Denvers has made me realise that,

1. The true meaning of team: I have never felt that teamwork is so important before. Anything that I have ever achieved is due to constant help, encouragement and guidance from the people I step on the  mats with. BB YQ, thanking you for bringing me here, and pushing me on all the time. I really will always be your student. Harlis, and Hakim, for teaching me the way you do the best, that is scolding the shit out of me till I get it right, honestly I can say Harlis my two handed stunts are stable only because of how you drilled a proper liberty gripping to me. ZhangMei, for always being there to listen, and talk to me for anything and everything, and also for finally making me hit the EVER-ELUSIVE cupie. Sharon and TP for always believing in me and making me a part of WHUA, and also for always being so supportive. Bernie, for always being happy to stunt with me, and never ever complaining for the multiple times I failed, Fazall n YiKang, stupid asses who always gave me solid tips and motivation, despite the fact that you put me in the same list as…… -.- (Faz I still hate u for that) … Jimmy WW for helping me improve a hell lot, with OTOTs in NTU. The list goes on and on, but all i can say is I am nowhere without my teammates, so guys, appreciate what you have, because you may not find this elsewhere, where we push each other, and always are there when we fall.

2. There IS an I in team: And that I is : “I WILL DO MY PART”. Trust me, if we all do what is required of us, we can progress way faster as a team. When a stunt fails, dont complain the flyer didnt lock, base was not stable enough, not enough height etc etc. Yes these maybe true, but did YOU do what was required of you? If yes, did YOU give that extra 10%, because who knows if YOU did, we might have just hit it. After SNCC 2012, I started learning slightly advanced partner stunts, and one thing I learnt is, there is never enough you can do. If my flyer is not jumping enough, why not I toss higher, if my flyer is heeling, why not I support more at the heel? I was made to think these things, and slowly I started hitting my stunts. SO guys, always remind yourself, regardless of who is at fault, there is always something YOU can do to help, so “JUST DO IT”

3. Cherish your time on the mats: I ll be the first to agree that in my 1st year I was guilty of not doing it. But then in 2nd year, I always saw others surpass me , and kept wondering, how come I am still at toss hands – lib. And thats when I started to push to try and attempt new things, and cherish the little time we have to push our personal boundaries. I was a shoulder stand for most time, but that doesnt mean I cant learn how to pitch, and it definitely doesnt hurt to toss higher right? And once my surgery was confirmed, it came crashing to me how little time I had. If you noticed, I was super enthu about coming early and stunt, maybe that was because I was left with a few weeks before my op. And I wanted to absorb as much as I can. I regretted not getting this motivation earlier, as I learnt a lot as I was pressed for time. I will never wish an injury upon any of you, and so I do hope you realise and learn how to fully utilise and cherish your time on the mats, before you have to do it the hard way like me.

Ok enough with this, and I admire those of you who have reached here. Just like to end it off by saying that I am gonna miss Denvers terribly, not just when I am in India, but even after I am back. I really hope you all push yourselves as a team and as an individual. make use of the chance you have, you have a good captain who is structured, and coach who is technically sound,(not to mention a SUPER ah lian treasurer :p) and enough manpower to stunt any time you want. So go ahead and make use of it, make yourselves and Denvers proud.

I will be back in August and hope to see some twisting btosses, and a marked improvements in Partner stunting. Mark my word I will be back, and I will fight for my spot, but I hope I am given a run for my money and each and every base is way better than me. Wish you guys all the best . I leave Singapore with one goddamn heavy heart this time, and I can tell you its because of this team. I will miss you all man.

Denvers, One team, One Heart!

Signing off: R@J


2 thoughts on “A “way-too-long” break in this journey

  1. Really cool to have you in denvers raj, please take good care of yourself and recover well. See this as a rare opportunity to take a break and take a good look at the other things in life and people around you. All the best for your operations and see you back really soon. Will miss you, have a safe trip ! 🙂


  2. Ah neh, though i dont really know what happened to you,its really a heartwarming post from a ah neh!hahah…Jokes aside, i agree with what you said from top to toe. I seriously hope to see you guys improve by leap and bounds this coming season. You’ve gotta put in faith in yourself and believe that you can do it.

    Anyway Raj, please take good care of yourself. im sure you’ll be missed dearly. I’ll be missing your nonsense as well. Take a break for a longer and tougher walk when you’re back. Here’s wishing you speedy recovery ahead.


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