Coverage of our Performances in May!

We don’t quite have insiders within Singapore Press Holdings(yet)  so I guess The New Paper isn’t going to feature us at events which really have nothing to do with Cheerleading… Ah well we figured we’ll do a coverage of our performances here instead. Every performance brings with it a story and we’re here to bring that story to you!

Our first performance was on the 6th of May, at Geylang Serai  Community Centre. It was a community event and we were asked to showcase a short routine and teach the crowd a cheer. Due to injuries, overseas trips and all kinds of unfortunate circumstances, we had just 3 days to put this whole performance together but like what we’ve come to realize, we perform best under pressure. We gave a good performance and it was nice that our efforts were much appreciated by our lovely audience made up people of all ages. It was also great to see Victor busy managing new contacts for future performances, it gives us that “We  must have done something right” feeling and that is just amazing. We will do our best to go to every venue we perform and leave our mark there! “Denvers was here” is not something to be written on any surface except in the hearts of our audience 🙂

The video should be up on the performances page in a few days but in the meantime, we have some photos for you.

Raj, trying to fly is it? Dae, this one not Tamil movie, gravity still exists here.

Preparing for the cheer we were asked to teach, hoping and praying that no one we know recognizes us. You’ll know why when you see the video.

As usual the scapegoat leads the way in teaching the cheer to some members of the public and the guest-of-honour.

Must be the effect of doing this cheer. Once again, you’ll only understand once you’ve seen the video.

If you’re a girl walking towards your car alone late at night and a stranger stands in front of you with this smile, call the police.

No comments

Our 2nd performance this month was at the new Marina International Cruise Centre. This event was in celebration of the maiden journey of the cruise ship “Voyager” of the Royal Caribbean Cruise line. Denvers cheerleaders appeared out of different sections of the Departure hall and raised quite a few eyebrows as they ran towards their performance area. Soon enough though, the raised eyebrows gave way to nods of approval, wide smiles and the sudden urge to clap for the rarely seen spectacle before them. We’re really glad that we got this opportunity to perform for an international audience and we hope that we continue to reach out to a whole range of spectators as we’re confident that everyone will enjoy our showcases! 🙂

We were told to mingle with the passengers before the performance so we could kind of “blend in”. Not going to happen when you wear a uniform like that. But good job Raj and Teck Pin who actually managed to strike a conversation with this passenger from China.

Ask him go mingle with the crowd, he went to flirt with the crew. Though this is Flirting Without Benefits since, as of latest reports, he did not attempt to ask these girls for their numbers.

Some had different interpretations of the word “mingling”. Apparently, you could do it alone. No one would have really noticed one person sitting down but the two chaps on the right, who were staring at him, foiled his plan.

We don’t quite have pictures taken during the performance itself as we only had one camera which was used for the video but as usual we have the post-performance stunting.

The highlight of this picture is not the stunt, it is the expression on the faces of the spotters and bystander Raj. Spoiling the market by making it look easy

Yeap that’s us!

We’re still chasing our people for photos from our Sentosa outing, as well as our performance videos, so there’s a lot more to look forward to in the coming days.

For those of you who are here for the first time, this is the new blog for the Denvers Cheerleading Team. We started this blog as we’d like to share with you what it means to be a Denvers Cheerleader. We take you through our lives as a team, on the mats, as well as all the fun, joy and laughter off the mats. Perhaps then you’ll be able to understand why we hold this team close to our hearts.

Do spread the word that we’ve moved to this new url : and come back often to read our new entries! It must be annoying when you find a blog and return to it, only to see that it has not been updated. So why not save the trouble and let us notify you when a new entry has been posted? All you have to do is to type in your email on the bottom right hand corner, wordpress will handle the rest for us. Don’t worry, this isn’t like subscribing for the or groupon offers, you’ll receive 3 emails a week at the most so we won’t be flooding your inbox. Alternatively, do come back to this blog every 3 or 4 days, there will be a new post up for you to read. If you have any feedback for us, please feel free to fill up the form in our “Join Us” page. No, you don’t have to join us in order to provide feedback 🙂

Teams aren’t born, they’re made. Witness the birth of a new generation of cheerleaders who have it in themselves to forever change the landscape of Singapore Cheerleading. The countdown to our Golden Age has begun.


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