A Tribute to last Season

We are brimming with excitement for the new season but we cannot quite move on without appreciating the experience of the previous one. Today we have a new direction and a master plan for success but we might not have felt this need to increase our expectations and hopes for the future of this team, were it not for Season 11/12.

A special shout out to Raj and Zhang Mei, our previous Captain and Vice-Captain respectively, for their dedication and perseverance in ensuring the team gave a good performance despite having to rebuild a new team almost from scratch. At the pace that we’re going at, it may seem like we’ve forgotten the contributions of our previous committee but I just want to say that it has been a pleasure being in the same team as you and sharing your vision to be the best that we can be.

Raj and Zhang Mei

Zhang Mei – You are what resilience is about. Your story, having been injured twice just before the competition for the last two years and then to recover and make a comeback like how you did at SNCC 2012… It was like in the movies, simply inspiring. Just like you, we never gave up 🙂

Raj – it was a challenge for you because it was only your second year in Denvers and you did not have the luxury of a seasoned team of performers. Nevertheless, you stepped up, brought us all together and made us believe that we have what it takes to go to SNCC and put up a performance worthy of the reputation of our team. Which we did! Thanks lah dae, now go for your surgery and come back stronger than ever for the coming seasons! 😀

Every experience is vital to our plans for this year and I would like to take this opportunity to present to you a mini photo journal which was collated from a few key events, as a tribute to season 11/12.

Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer

Imagine this, going around Singapore, from place to place in a specially chartered bus, from morning to evening and taking lots of pictures as we stun the public with our stunts ( Hows my word play there? 😛 )

We must have taken a few hundred pictures but here’s just a few of the more memorable ones :

Erm location quite obvious right?

Sharon doing her scorpion with Teck Pin. You know, it’s really tempting to say something lame like ” Wow, she’s taller than MBS! ” but i shall refrain considering the negative reviews I have received about my humour sense.

-__- Raj, please ah, control a bit.

3 Indians Liberty. South Indian on the left, North Indian on the right and Half-Indian in between.

Impossible is Nothing.

Vertical Planking at RWS Sentosa

Christmas Eve Stunting

Doing stunts in the middle of Orchard on Christmas Eve? Been there done that. As usual we provided a free thrill for the shopping crowd on crowded Christmas Eve afternoon. Part of Denvers tradition over the years 🙂

Teck Pin’s cupie with Sharon and our Mascot

A pose at some tentage outside Ngee Ann City. The setting was made to resemble a bedframe. You can see some of the girls in the background pretending to be asleep there!

Well they were having this free-photo-taking option inside one of the shopping centres and we managed to squeeze all of us inside.

A collage done by Wenjie. If you’re wondering who that blonde girl is, she’s actually Ida, a gymnast from Estonia who comes to train with us every year 🙂


Pyramids with Wildcards during our exchange

Harlis invited us over for Jalan Raya after Hari Raya and we duly obliged, dressed to the occasion. Oh and he has the best baked beans and corned beef that we have ever tasted!

Denvers chalet, where all members, past and present, as well as friends, gathered together for some BBQ and catch-up session

As you have seen thus far, we do have a life 🙂

And now for the penultimate collection from the pictures, those taken at the Singapore National Cheerleading Competition 2012.

The run-in before we take our positions on the mat to perform. The emotions and thoughts that run in our mind during that short run-in is amazing.

When we are officially accepted as a member of Denvers, each of us is given a mini mascot. We bring our mascot for our performances as a form of good luck and likewise, we placed our mascots in a circle together with our big mascot in front of our performance area.

The return of the 3 indians, stunting after Nationals

Some dreams were fulfilled that day, including Yikang’s wish to be a shoulder stand, with Bernie’s dream to be a midtier.

Don’t know why he had to but as you can see, he was trying hard to immitate our mascot.

Team Denvers season 11/12

Our circle of mascots 🙂

SEACO 2012

The finale for this post has to be from Southeast Asian Cheerleading Open 2012, where although we did not compete, a very special event took place. The occasion turned out to be the perfect marriage proposal by our Coach Jimmy to Wei Wei! Thank you for giving us a chance to be part of this important milestone in your lives 🙂

What Wei Wei saw when she turned around after taking photos

Need I say more? 🙂

Like one big cheer family 🙂

And there you have it, season 11/12 in pictures. They say a picture speaks a thousand words but for some of these pictures, you’ll need more than that. Here’s to an even more eventful 2012/13, with the hope for beautiful memories to be etched in our hearts in the year ahead 🙂

Season 12/13 : Bring It On!

A new season brings with it new ideas, new members as well as a renewed sense of purpose that there is something to work towards. We put aside the disappointments of the past, the arguments, the criticism and all that negativity to embark on a new journey filled with hope, ambition and desire. The road to SNCC 2013 will not be easy but we will pull through because this team is one team, one heart, one Denvers. This season, our aim is not just to compete; we step on the mats to win. This is Team Denvers and this is how we roll.


Lead the way, All the way!