Asia Cheerleading International Competition and CAS National Cheerleading Competition 2014

Come down to D’Marquee on the 29th March 2014 to support our two group stunts teams and partner stunts duo in the fight for glory and fame! The timings can be found here. That is our 2013/14 team in the official banner btw ^

Introducing our members competing this year. We have 3 teams, DF-5 and Spirit X for Group stunts and Team X D for Partner stunts.

From DF-5, we have Teck Pin, Sharon, Tian Jun, Melody and Mark 1795821_10151971012581121_629326986_o

From Spirit X, we have Simin, Jia Hua, Er Kee, Victor and Melvin Soh  CaptureCapture

And from Team X D, we have Jia Hua and Zhi Yong going for Partner Stunts Category


All the best to all these teams representing Denvers Cheerleading Team and may you all hit a great ASU!
Do come and support them and cheer them on as they perform their hard work on the competition mats! See you there!

Why We Do What We Do And What We Fight For

The experience training for any competition is one that will have its fair share of ups and downs, the fluctuations and everything that you did not expect or expected but underestimated. In cheerleading, injuries, frustrations from inability to hit a stunt, low team morale, are all issues that we deal with from season to season. It can happen to any team, whether it be a top team trying to maintain its position or another team trying to make its name.


Each of us have our own reasons as to why we do what we do but primarily, it is for the love of the sport that we’re in this. You can’t be a cheerleader if you don’t have passion, you’d just quit. There’s too much at risk. A cut on the lips is almost negligible to bases nowadays, let alone the temporary, yet  common pain from absorbing the impact when cradling the flyers who land awkwardly. Any cut, scratch or injury is only an issue if there is prolonged bleeding or dizziness that requires medical attention, otherwise we’re still on the mats. Flyers are often accused of being just “pretty faces” in short skirts and midriff baring tops but somehow not many people are aware as to how these girls deal with the pressure and work through the risk that something could happen to them. It would not take very much for their “pretty faces” to be blemished in case of any unfortunate stunt failure. To know that and yet still be eager for that basket toss, that’s courage and passion for cheerleading. So when people ask me innocently if guys would join this sport just so they can be physically close to girls, I just laugh and say that while they may join with that intention, they would give up soon enough because unless you have the passion for cheerleading, the possibility of serious physical injury and exhaustion from training is more likely to deter. Try and scare someone who loves what he does and he or she would just smile and head back onto the mats to carry on with the next more-advanced and often more dangerous stunt. Cheerleading becomes sort of self-actualization, where the base or the flyer is constantly setting new goals for themselves to reach their full potential. As a base move towards his goals, achieving that Tick Tock means a lot to him and he becomes a happier individual, where he can then inspire others to pursue their dreams. Cheerleaders inspire each other and we often look at videos of the routines of the great cheerleading teams of our time and say ” Hey, I want to learn how to do that.”


Another major stimulant in cheerleading is the people in the team. We train through good and bad times, we push ourselves to the limits together, cheering ourselves on. There is a naturally-occuring bond there that is created, stronger than any covalent bond or any other of its kind that exists. One Nationals later, a team feels like family, your second home and you look forward to seeing them again even if you’ve been seeing those faces almost every other day. In times when you are physically and mentally exhausted, when you feel you just want to give up, it is the thought of letting these people down that makes you get back up on your feet and carry on. It is a powerful motivation which will remind you that we’re all in this together. To some people, letting themselves down is something they can deal with but when you throw in the fact that other people are also dependant on their actions, it makes them want to give everything to ensure the success of the team. If on competition day your stunt fails mainly because of you, that guilt will haunt you for at least a year until you have a chance at redemption the following year.


So in summary, why we do what we do? It’s because we love being a cheerleader; it makes us happy. What we fight for? To reach our full potential as a cheerleader and do our best for this team, for our flyers, bases and coaches that means so much to all of us.


There’s only 6 weeks left to the competition and I want to tell every member of Denvers to be strong and give the good fight till the end. We may or may not win but when we run out onto the mats, I want everyone to hold your heads up high because despite everything, we made it. Take care of yourselves, rest well during the breaks and non-training times and prepare well for the battle ahead. In stereotypical cheerleader terminology, Bring It On.



PS : For those of you who feel that perhaps this is the team for you, you can feel free to start contacting us through our feedback form by clicking on the “Join Us” page. While our recruitment drive will likely take place only after our competition (usually like the very next day), its less than 2 months away so now’s a good time to express your interest and give us some information about you so we can plan accordingly. For people who are new to cheerleading, we know you want a chance; we’re ready to give you one. Don’t pressure yourself, you’ll have sufficient time to learn before we do any assessment of any sort. To everyone out there, we invite you to join us in leaving behind a legacy as the ones who started the winning tradition here.

“How YOU Can be a Fantastic & Fit Cheerleader While Still Being Safe”, by our friend Miss Carolyn Fallon

How YOU Can be a Fantastic & Fit Cheerleader While Still Being Safe!

As the sport of cheerleading has evolved, the physical demands it puts on cheerleaders has grown in great proportions. No longer are cheerleaders standing on the sidelines clapping their hands and stomping their feet – they are literally throwing their bodies into the air, doing crazy amounts of flips and twists and tumbling around like its nobody’s business – oh, and all while keeping a bright smile on their faces. In order to be successful and injury-free as a cheerleader, It is vitally important that you have a strong level of physical fitness supported by a healthy diet. Let’s explore a few ways to make that happen.

It’s All About the Core
It is very important that cheerleaders have strong abdominal muscles. These muscles are frequently used for better jumping, stunting, and pyramids. Having strong abdominals will also decrease your risk of injury.

Here are a few good exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles:

A crunch is one form of sit-ups. Keep your legs bent with your chin pointed at the ceiling. Sit with your shoulders a bit off the ground. Keep your stomach tight. How many you can do depends on your current fitness level. You could start with 20 and gradually build up to 100 reps.

Side Crunches
Side crunches are similar to regular crunches except your legs are bent and you lean to one side. Perform normal crunches with your shoulders a bit off the floor. You can start with about 25 reps and gradually build up to more.

Partner Leg Lifts
One of you will lie flat on the floor with their legs in front of your body. The partner stands right above the head of the one on the floor. The one on the floor grabs their partner’s ankles, lifting their legs at an angle of 90 degrees. The standing partner pushes the other’s legs down firmly all the way to the floor. The one on the floor tries to resist having their legs pushed to the floor by catching them before they hit the floor, and raises them back up again (sounds fun, huh?!).

Yoga has been growing in popularity as a way of improving flexibility, balance and strength. Yoga is also great for maintaining and improving joint health as it calls for movements that don’t put heavy, repeated pressure on your knees and hips. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Glenn Axelrod explains the benefits of yoga are so great that many professional sports teams are now using yoga as a regular part of training!

Proper Diet
Be sure that you are supporting your exercise with good nutrition. Your body will need plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats to recover from your workouts.

Many cheerleaders choose to eat several smaller, more frequent meals during the day rather than three large ones. Eating smaller meals, but more often throughout the day will help to raise your metabolism. As a result, you will find it easier to lose or maintain weight, while still consuming the same amount of calories each day!
Injury Prevention
Before you perform any routines or exercises, make sure you first do a good bit of stretching and warm-ups, which will help prevent any possible injuries from tight muscles. Injuries are always a risk in a demanding activity like cheerleading, but that is no reason to not take any and all precautions available.

With some recent cases of cheerleader injuries in the news, there has been a growing focus on the need for new regulations for cheerleading. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently recommended that cheerleading be treated as a sport to help prevent serious injuries.They recommended that cheerleading should be considered a sport at the high school and collegiate levels so that the same rules that apply to governing bodies like the NCAA will also apply to cheerleading. Finally, people are starting to wake up!


Carolyn is a 20-something year old with a passion for life, fitness and overall well-being. She is an avid cycler, golfer and has been known to bust some serious moves on the dance floor. Check out Carolyn’s blog at!


The amazing thing about blogs is that you can reach out to a wide range of people around the world. Carolyn is one such person we’ve had the pleasure of meeting through our blog and she was kind enough to highlight to us that she was writing an article that would be very relevant to us as Cheerleaders and after reading her work, I couldn’t agree more. Do check out her blog, it makes for an interesting read, all about keeping fit, as you would have figured from the blog url. I probably need to look at it regularly if i’m ever going to complete my Chunk-to-Hunk/Flabs-to-Abs programme at any stage in life. Haha.


She would love to hear from all of you so please feel free to comment on the article, or you can reach her via her blog. The best part of any work is the audience reaction so we’re waiting for yours 🙂

Thanks again Carolyn, it was a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the best going forward with life. Haha and of course, since its on your blog, I don’t think you’ll mind me sharing; congratulations again on your engagement, we’ll be looking out for that wedding picture shot in the near future 😉

Thank You 2012, Welcome 2013

On the last day of the year, I just want to thank everyone for all their efforts towards this blog and for making our experience in Denvers, as happy as what our pictures show. Today I want to cut down on words and focus on the photographs that hold our memories within them.

Singga Cheer Cheer Cheer 2


finals 2

finals 10

finals 4

finals 5



finals 8

finals 9


This is our tradition, stunting around Singapore in all those places you can recognize without me having to tell you where we went.

Denvers Kuala Lumpur Trip

kl 1

kl 2

kl 3

kl 4

kl 5

kl 6

kl 7

kl 8

kl 9


kl 10

kl 11

For the first time in our recent history, Denvers went on a team overseas leisure trip to KL and it was mad fun. Right from the circus themed room to the ATV Park, I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun, without stunts at all. A very packed programme on one day and a more lepak one corner programme on the next. Next Destination : Penang and Bangkok!

Christmas and New Years Eve

christmas 2012





ny 4

ny 5

Every Festive Season always comes with at least one Denvers stunting event. To put aside all the pressure during trainings and walk out there into the public and do our thing, there’s something special there. If you join us and the Nationals is the first time you will be facing an audience, it means we have failed as Cheerleaders to help you bring out that performer in you. Every performance is an opportunity, every photo is a catalyst for boosting your confidence.

These are just some of the pictures from the main events in the 2nd half of 2012 and you can see in these pictures how we feel when we’re out together as a team. We’re thankful that we have a team that can communicate and work together despite the varying differences in personalities within the team.

"Hey! Guess what?"

“Hey! Guess what?”

"There's a lot more ahead in 2013!"

“There’s a lot more ahead in 2013!”

If 2012 was the year we refined ourselves, then 2013 is going to be the year in which Denvers will define themselves. This is our year, our season. We will give the good fight till the very end as One Team, One Heart, One Denvers. This is Team Denvers and this is how we roll.

We’re Still Alive. And Kickin’.

No no, we are not dead, we have just endured a very busy period. Keywords are  : Exams, performances, holiday etc. So I apologize that our blog is like your phone…after a while of activity it dies and only resumes when it is recharged. Now we’re recharged! Hopefully. On the bright side, let me tell you how many things we have to share about! One way to look at is “Woah, so exciting!” and the flipside is “So that’s how long you haven’t been blogging eh?”. Life is too short to be negative, lets just be positive instead!


Activities to cover :


Singga Cheer Cheer Cheer 2


Wildcards Exchange

Denvers@USS Halloween Night

Denvers trip to Kuala Lumpur



Yeap that’s broadly what there is left to cover. Got to go get some pictures for all the respective posts! I’ve listed them chronologically by the way. Denvers trip to KL just concluded yesterday! They came to visit me in Kuala Lumpur and we had a lovely time!


About the previous post, I just want to thank Yikang, I appreciate you hacking into the blog to post about me. It has always been and will always be a pleasure helping this team in any way I can. I wish I could be there with you guys for competition next year but given the circumstances that I’m studying here in Malaysia, it just complicates things. I thought about writing a farewell post but I don’t believe that my participation as a Denvers Cheerleader is over. I’m not done with that uniform.


Guys, I just want you to know that although by distance we are far apart, if there is anything at all, and you need someone, a replacement, a spotter, a friend, I am here. This is my team and if my team needs me, I’ll be there. This KL trip meant a lot to me, not only because you came to my place but because I was just so happy that so many of us were together having fun without worrying about training or hitting stunts for once. I realized how much I missed being back in Singapore training with all of you and all the late night bitching sessions. This team means different things to different people but to me, it represents a family of sorts. So many different individuals, various learning patterns (and speeds ;), unique styles but all in all, still one team.


I get the feeling that I tend to portray Denvers as like the symbol of unity but like every family, we have our arguments, we are honest with each other though at the end of the day, we want the same thing. When you first join us, you’re not going to feel empowered. Training we admit will be tough and improvement is gradual. It may not seem as fun as what you’ve encountered in other teams because we try to pack as much as we can into the three core trainings every week. The thing is, we know we’re not the best, so we try harder. We’re confident that one day we will make it to the top and with that vision, we train with all our hearts. So it comes down to this; do you just want to be a part of history or be the ones making it? Believe in us, we will believe in you and with time, patience and effort you’ll be just as good as anyone else.


And Yikang please, just give me my card that you’ve been keeping forever, if not I’ll keep appearing again and again. Hahaha.

The Last Indian

So this blog has been up and running for a few months already, and all the credit is due to one guy. This post shall be a blogbomb not from this guy.

Denvers has all along been a multi ethnical team (until recently) and this post is for our last indian who has left us for the land up north.

Yeap, this big guy is the guy of topic right here. so since i have decided to drop our big guy here a blogbomb, here are some facts about him.

his name is Fazall or Feezall or Fatzall or eh indian or (i also cannot rmb cos he has too many)

he is 22 this year.

he is a base, despite the photo (and of cos his secret dream is wanting to fly a basket toss)

he is big, literally big.

he likes to tell jokes, or rather be the joke

he tells really really really really really really bad jokes.

he invented eating fries with maple syrup.

he must have his prata (prate bomb to be exact)

he likes to scare children (like really young ones) with his peek-a-boo.

he is like a moving crash mat, tested and proven by many flyers.


but most importantly of all, he has a big heart, bigger than his size, bigger than anyone i have ever met perhaps (deh don’t complain i never say anything nice about you). Fazall is an amazing guy, I have never seen him getting angry before, never seen him losing his temper, definitely never heard of him using swear words and never ever complained when he had to take the extra mile to make things easier for the others.


Yeap, so single ladies out there, look out for him!!


and i think this will be all for a random blogbomb. (deh stop going for late night movies with the ladies and blog more la, i know the team don’t say it but we are thankful to you for maintaining this blog even though u are 100+ km away, that said, No i won’t take over this from you, you can prey on deedeedardar instead)

Performance Yo

While I could hardly remember any performances in 2011, 2012 has been a year full of just that. We’ve been invited here and there to do our stuff, sometimes stunts and other times, embarrassingly enough, just cheering with pom poms. Yea the traditional cheerleader way -__-

So today I have quite a number of pictures from our latest performance, the Singapore National Games, Opening Ceremony, held at the Punggol Waterway Park on 1 September 2012. These are friendly community games between members of different constituencies in Singapore , though I don’t quite know what they compete in. It was very crowded though! Wow looks like everybody is so supportive! ( either that or free food and t-shirts did the trick )

Okay perhaps calling this a performance is a little misleading. Firstly, we didn’t have much to do as we were obviously not meant to be the highlight. Secondly, I think there was some miscommunication between the organizers and the emcees….they forgot we were supposed to perform! We were exhausted because we experienced so many false starts, like we prepare for performance assuming they will announce our names like any moment and then…. anti-climax. it was so annoying, we started laughing after some time. Being ignored is one thing but being ignored while you’re wearing bling bling costumes and attracting so much attention from onlookers expecting something from you…. awkward. Not to mention kids running through our formation while we’re trying to concentrate on timing. So what we did in the end were segments of our performance and the usual stunts after performance ( or rather the lack of one ) to just you know, excite the crowd. Even a toss to hands is considered amazing to a man on the street, even it may be the basic for cheerleaders. Haha so yes, if ever you needed attention, just do a toss to hands in the middle of a crowded place, ‘confirm plus chop’ you will have an audience. Double Confirm.

We were actually contacted to perform for both the opening and closing ceremonies but as it turned out, it rained during the closing ceremony making it unsafe for stunts…. So yea cheers with pom poms it was. We have like one pathetic picture taken during the closing ceremony, you’ll see that towards the end.

Simple pyramid

Waving to the Guest of Honor, the Prime Minister. Well at least he knows we were here!

Spot the difference. Simin you think you very cool ah.  Oh and I’ve never seen Yikang so happy. Dae apa lah dae.

Mel Soh with Chloe

Zhiyong with Jiahua. Welcome back from Germany! Wenjie I am going to punch your face.

Wenjie with Sharon. proud alumni of Team Xtreme NTU Hall 16! You get the X that Sharon is doing right…

Yikang with Lijuin

Teck Pin with Sharon

The performance team 🙂

Closing ceremony. This picture should be used for the picture description section in the PSLE Oral examinations. The girls seem to be enjoying themselves. Glenn is at home in this kind of performance, look at him ( Second from right ). The rest of the guys are trying their best to join in. Zhiyong is in a dilemma whether or not to follow, Yikang is pretty certain he’s not going to and Teck Pin on the far left is still quite stunned as to how we ended up here.

So that’s what we have for the Singapore National Games, do check out our facebook page for the rest of the pictures! On that note, all our pictures are actually uploaded to our Denvers Cheerleading Team facebook page (you can see it on the right side of the blog page) so do go have a look and like our page for new updates and pictures! 🙂

Before I end this post, I’d like to give you a sneak preview of whats to come 😀


Stay tuned…. Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Version 2.0 coming soon!

Keep following us, full coverage with hundreds of pictures from our cheer event of the year, Singa Cheer Cheer Cheer Version 2.0 awaits. We’re excited, are you? 😀

C3 2012 : The Rise of Malaysian Cheerleading

I’ve been wanting to cover the Charm Cheerleading Championships for quite some time now. My fascination with Malaysian Cheerleading started at SEACO 2012 (South East Asian Cheerleading Open). Before that, we didn’t have much of an idea of the standard in our neighbouring country. Once they stepped on the mats on March 31st at Downtown East though, they provided some spectacle for the audience. The Malaysian contingent formed the majority of the participants and it was heartening to see all of them, despite being from different teams, come together united as cheer ambassadors from Malaysia.

Here’s a video of one of the all-girls group stunt team from Cyrens. It’s a little small but you can still make out what stunts they are doing.

Just a simple introduction on the cheerleading scene there. Teams are broadly managed by cheer companies/gyms which train them for competition in various categories. So for example, Cheer Aces and Cheer Aspirations are two major cheer companies in Malaysia. They have their own competitive team, as well as other teams that they manage and coach for competitions. All teams have to be registered members of The Cheerleading Association & Register of Malaysia (CHARM), Malaysia’s official cheerleading association. The Key cheerleading event, the one everyone looks forward to, is the C3 – Charm Cheerleading Championships, usually held around June. Another event, Cheer 2012, was held a week earlier for Cheerleading teams from schools (that’s like C3 for the younger cheerleaders), for which I have a short video coverage compiled by a Malaysian News entity.

So now we come to the main event, C3 2012. I thought I could just upload a bunch of pictures I found on the internet but as it turns out, the photographer requests us to ask permission first. That probably would delay things so I figured I’d facebook-hop to get the pictures I need. I’ll upload some videos as well. They say words can only say so much….pictures can only say that much more. The rest you have to see the video. Haha. Live, unadulterated.

I managed to get a short interview with one of the key members of the Cheer Aspirations team and the Malaysian cheerleading scene as a whole. Introducing to you, Mr Dickson Kong, who also happens to be one half of the duo from Cheer Awesome (managed by Cheer Aspirations)  that won the Partner Stunts category at C3 this year. His flyer’s name is Eve by the way. Hi Eve!

So I asked Dickson three questions very quickly over facebook.

Me : What are your views on the cheerleading scene in Malaysia right now?

Dickson : Malaysian cheerleading is getting more and more competitive as the level of stunts are getting higher and higher. In fact, the number of all star teams have grown from last year, three last year compared to seven this year ! Its a very good improvement and it shows that there are more and more people in love with cheer 😀 (yes, he really put a smiley there, this is a faithful representation)

Me : In your opinion, what are the most essential qualities that flyers and bases have got to have when preparing for the partner stunts category?

Dickson : Commitment, mindset as well as the chemistry. When I’m preparing for the partner stunt , I always talk to my flyer about our current level, so that we know where we stand. Besides that, I will always remind myself and my flyer not to do stunts that are beyond our level, because a perfect and clean routine always wins, that’s what my coach always tells me 🙂smile a lot of people tend to neglect this. As for chemistry, we often spend time together not only when at practice but also during our leisure time ^^ Without chemistry, it’s very hard to train skills that are of higher difficulty.

Me : So Which is more pressurizing in your opinion, partner stunts or team category and why?

Dickson : For me partner stunts is much more pressurizing than team because in partner stunts, there is only me and my flyer, we cannot afford to make a mistake since no one will be covering us unlike team, where if I were to fail a stunt, there will be others to help. Also, there are other stunts in the routine that can cover up for a failed stunt.

Thanks a lot Dickson for your kind  consent to provide me with some insight into Malaysian cheerleading. Continue improving and excelling in cheer, looking forward to more videos of you doing greater stunts! All the best for Asian Open in Japan! 🙂

Cheer Aces team were unavailable for comment but I would like to show you their championship-winning performance for the coed team division at C3 2012.

I watched them at SEACO 2012 and what caught our attention was that their uniform is similar to our uniform from a few seasons ago! Haha but they’re more than just that, a promising team for the future!

Here’s another video, of Rebels Cheerleading Team, who are actually a level 6 team like the teams in Singapore ( The other teams generally specialize in Level 5).


Our coaches Jimmy and Wei Wei had actually travelled to Malaysia a week earlier from the C3 event to judge the other junior cheer event, Cheer 2012. I spoke to Jimmy for a quick verbal interview on his views on Malaysian Cheerleading and this is what he had to say :

(In my own words since I really cannot recall the exact words he used, trust me its been a long time since I spoke to him) Malaysian cheerleading is improving rapidly without a doubt and one of the main reasons is because they have one centralized Cheer association that guides the teams. Their strict but able leadership has ensured that members of CHARM comply with the rules and regulations set by the association, in order to improve Malaysian cheerleading as a whole without compromising on safety. Courses are regularly held for coaches of the various teams and this means that there is standardized teaching of stunts with the correct technique, placing greater emphasis on creativity to differentiate routines since stunts executed may be similar. Another reason for their success is that they introduce cheerleading at an early age. These young cheerleaders, eventually develop their potential through extensive training and form part of the core success of Malaysian cheerleading. When they start training from young, they can learn faster and their potential is realized at a much younger age. Important aspects of cheerleading like flexibility and gymnastics are ingrained from an early age when it is easier to master and they get better as they grow older and gain more experience. Malaysian Cheerleading will continue to make waves and eventually I hope to see them competing in the international arena!

Well I tried my best to recall what he told me like a month ago so Jimmy if I said something you didn’t, please know that I’m ready to resign as the editor of this blog, if only there was someone willing to take over  -___-

Okay so now let me just put in a few pictures from C3 that I found on facebook.

Turns out all the nice pictures from C3 taken during the routines are all owned by this photographer whose permission I have asked for  to use the photos but have yet to get approval. Perhaps he’s busy, I’m sure he’ll reply soon! I’ll upload the pictures after that 🙂

Perseverance always pays off. Time is never wasted when you’re putting in the effort to improve. You may fail a hundred times or a thousand times but eventually you will hit it. Then we’ll look back at our journey and think, “Hey, it was worth it. “These Malaysian cheerleaders have pushed themselves hard, just like the rest of us back home in Singapore and every other country with a “Cheerevolution” taking place. Not just for themselves but for their entire cheer community. We salute you and wish you all the best as you continue to entertain, enchant and excite us with your colourful routines and awesome cheerleader spirit. Writing this post more than a month off the date on this post, allows me to update you that National Cheerleading Team Malaysia have won the Bronze medal for Coed Premier Elite ( Level 6 ) at Asia Open Cheerleading Championship 2012 at Japan! My man Dickson and his partner Eve have also won the bronze medal in the partner stunts category! *applause* Proud of you people, congratulations!

Oh and how can we forget our All-girls group stunt team from Singapore, The Rising Phoenix, who are the runners-up for their category! I’ve been there personally during their training, this award is a testament to their hard work and resilience. You girls deserve it 🙂

Before I finish this post, to all Malaysian cheerleaders, I have an offer from Team Denvers. Adakah anda mahu mempunyai Exchange? 😀

ps : For those of you who can’t figure out what I tried to say, I just asked them if they would like to have an Exchange with us. Any problem with the Malay translation, by all means, go find trouble with Google Translate 🙂

Sentosa (Like Finally)

First of all apologies for the lack of the posts as of late but on the bright side, the posts will be coming in fast and furious from now on. There were quite a few pending posts that were incomplete because of a lack of pictures, information or some other reason. Though we have seen to that now. Oh and yes, we do admit, we have been busy with performances and what-nots as well so that’s another reason for the cold turkey period of no blogging. Trust me, it was hard for me too. Haha okay so now lets got on with this blog post, which as you can see from the title, is about Sentosa!

You must be expecting some super nice photos of stunts and all that but I’m sorry to disappoint you. Actually we did take those pictures. But for some reason, we forgot that the sun will set in the evening and it will become dark and camera settings need to be changed. And we being the technical dodo birds, don’t how to do damage control and edit the photos. Either that, or we like ’em natural, if you know what I mean.

So yes, Denvers decided to go to Sentosa way back in May for a day of fun, joy and laughter. We met at Harbourfront in groups and set off for the island. It was supposed to be the whole lot of us going together but as you would know, most of us follow Indian Standard Time, which gives an allowance of up to 2.5 hrs from the proposed meeting time. Remember like a few posts a go, we posted something on Victor’s proposal to Yan? Well that happened in the first part of our Sentosa outing, you can see the pictures in that post. As for the part after that, we walked and walked to find a suitable spot to settle down at and after about 30 minutes, we got a nice place near the beach volleyball area. That kind of answered the “Hmmm so what should we do first?” question, since the volleyball net was in our direct line of vision. So Volleyball it was.

Absolutely no idea why Yikang is jumping up holding his chest. Hello, volleyball the ball needs to go over to the other side, not you.

Even World Champions Brazil would have give up on this chase but Teck Pin decided to dive. No, he didn’t make it.

Volleyball was really fun, we played  many rounds, changing teams each time. It was especially fun because most of us play ‘anyhow”. There was Fazall diving for every ball, unnecessary drama. On other occasions he would go towards the oncoming ball as if its his and then realize it was too high and leave Yikang exposed.  Then there was Yikang, who despite his height, thought jumping up holding his chest was way cooler. There was also Darrell, the “Variable Liability” because every team he joined, they lost. Not exaggerating, really. Though he always had a smile on his face for some reason.

After that we wondered what to do and realized “Hey, look, we’re in a beach! Lets go play in the water!”. Whatever new. So we did go jump into the water, trying out basket tosses and handstands and piggy-back races. Other weird stuff too. Those that could jump decided to do some tumbling right at the edge of the sea, on the moist sand. For the rest of us who couldn’t, we found submerging people in the water and disturbing them much more entertaining. I think I have like one picture taken from our water activities.

Zhang Mei in the middle of some element of Basket Toss. Wow that is a pretty nice shot. Hah, quality over quantity people.

They did try to Basket Toss Fazall as well ( on his request since he has always wanted to be a flyer ) but he got leg cramps when he tried to load himself onto the basket. Oh well, some things are just not meant to be. Thus far, our Sentosa outing had nothing to do with stunts. We must have thought, “Aiyah stunts anytime also can do!”. True that but if you planned to take pictures, not the best idea to delay till it gets dark. Which we did.

And now I present to you a few of the discernible pictures from all the stunts we did. There are actually lots of videos with better lighting but I don’t quite know how to get a screenshot.

Jason with Bernie, it was his first time!

Yikang with Bernie

Raj (I think) with Sharon

Well don’t say I didn’t warn you about the stunt photos. On the bright side, if we ever recruit someone technically gifted, they could make this look good. Haha so yes that is our Sentosa Outing up till the point we were at Sentosa. We headed for dinner after that, though I really can’t remember where cause as you would know, this post was supposed to happen when we started this blog. To think we waited so long for these photos…. I’m going to shoot Zishen.

Once in a while you have to do something like this with your team, apart from all the training and serious stuff. It’s always fun with these guys. Cheerleading without the right team members would just feel like a chore. Everyone puts aside their pain and fatigue to fight for our team’s success. We help each other because we share a special bond. One Team, One Heart, One Denvers, Always 🙂

Ah Song Comes To Town!

If you’ve read our ‘About Us’ page, you would have noticed that I mentioned that some members of Monsters Cheerleading Team in Taiwan visit us every year and conduct a cheerleading camp for us. As it so happens, they came down on the 18th of July! As I write this post, they have already left for Taiwan but they leave behind fun-filled memories in yet another chapter of our long-standing relationship with them.

Last year, it was Ah Song and Xiong Ge who come down to give us important tips and teach us some of the techniques that have helped Monsters establish themselves as a premier cheerleading team in Asia. This year marks the return of Ah Song but this time with a different companion, Xiao How. As usual, we were waiting for their “exhibition performance” during OTOT and as expected, we were just smiling away at how effortless they made it look. Just brilliant. Years of perservance and discipline to do a stunt the way it should be done, not just hitting it for the sake of it, like what some of us resort to when we keep failing. Its not something they explicitly say but you just understand it as you watch them perform.

They were here for just over a week and the timing was perfect because we kind of made a mad rush to get our basics right so that we will be able to fully utilise them during their stay. Sometimes all we need is for someone experienced to see us do our stunts and that one simple advice they offer us, can change everything. I was around when they came over last year as well but somehow I just felt that this year we learnt a lot more from them. That excites me even more as we look forward to SNCC and SEACO 2013 knowing that we have improved as a team over the last year or so and are hence in a better position to achieve our goals.

For everything else, here’s some visuals for you 🙂

One of the many eateries we visited. Roti Prata…power ah.

Chocolate Prata. Ahhhh.

Erm sorry I was too busy devouring the Prata to realize that you take pictures of food before you eat, not after.

Ah Song on the left, Teck Pin next to her and Xiao How on the right

What you doing lah dae.

Can’t hit a proper liberty? Maybe you need the Liberty Shoe!

Lunch at Lau Pa Sat! Teck Pin last warning ah.

Supper at this place near Kovan MRT, some kind of rice porridge with side dishes. Chloe, see what see?

Sending them off at the airport

Bye Ah Song and Xiao How! We’ll miss you!

Actually there are lots more photos but they are kind of like all over the place, most of these are from my camera and those I found readily available on facebook. I will upload the rest in a seperate photo blast-like post soon!

It was a pleasure hosting you here in Singapore, Ah Song and Xiao How, we hope to see you soon! Thank you for all the tips, advice and also for giving us company while we were pigging out at eateries all over singapore! 😛

Next post should be about Malaysian Nationals C3! I’ve got my interviews done and the pictures and videos ready to be uploaded 😀